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The guy helping male model :)


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Bronx-born Beckford can thank his Jamaican, Panamanian, Chinese, and African roots for his smoldering and versatile look and that bone structure! People magazine once named him to its 50 Most Beautiful People list, and he is among the rare male models to successfully cross over into celebritydom. Our favorite dip in the entertainment pool? The Dolce boy. His eyes match. Where David has Dolce, Brad has Chanel. Or, well, Karl, more specifically. So you think you might have what it takes to succeed as a male model? You have the drive, you have the talent, and your whole life you have been told that you are ridiculously good looking. The only thing is, you are not quite sure how to go about it. So what to do? The modeling world has changed a lot over the past decade. While the traditional avenues to find modeling jobs still exist, social media has leveled the playing field. “Social media has helped build this new emphasis on personality, together with “We had one boy [male models are typically referred to as 'boys', regardless of. Sep 6, - Our first tip on how to become a male model is to discover your strengths and which type of modelling you are best suited to. This will help you.

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In this Article: Being a male soles her off ladyboy Footfetish shows doesn't necessarily mean getting a free ride to omdel best parties in town. It takes hard work and countless hours to be a male model, and sometimes, little payoff. That being said, breaking into the modeling industry as a male is a bit easier than it is for women, because male models don't have to meet the same rigid physical requirements all the time The guy helping male model :) can work for many years -- some of them working well into their fifties. If you want to get into male helpjng, learn how to get exposure within the modeling industry, sign hwlping an agent, and start looking for work while staying in top physical and mental shape. Try again! Agents largely profit from your work, meaning they don't get paid until you do!

How To Become A Male Model

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The idea of men earning a living for simply wearing clothes smacked of unappealing traits — narcissism, unintelligence and a lack of seriousness. Contrary to public perception, the necessary qualities are much more ineffable than simply being classically good-looking. Yes, you typically need to be tall and have good bone structure.

But the dynamic of what constitutes a male model is always changing, and it no longer ends at being able to out-pout Ben Stiller. So how do you go about making it your career? The fact is that there are so many male models now who could all, more or less, do the same job that clients are increasingly looking for difference. Some agencies hold open days, during which anyone can show up, while others take their chances outside of these hours.

Instead, the vast majority of models are scouted: And these scouts look everywhere: A decade ago male models were typically pigeon-holed into a particular kind of work. These categories — commercial, catwalk, fitness and the like — still exist loosely, but changing industry demands and the growing number of brands offering a broader range of menswear have caused a shift away from the use of cookie-cutter types for particular modes of work.

Now, agencies and brands look for distinction: Even age is in flux. Today the varieties of work are the building blocks of a career, and to more lucrative income: But the real work is in what you do around shoot days: Being ready to work has to become habitual. For all that, some would describe the rewards as modest. The upside is that men usually have a longer career path, though this is not a given. For that reason, it is not as yet easy to succeed as a model without the backing of an agency.

There are freelancers. The work tends to be found only in major cities and pay varies wildly: They also need to know how to walk a runway — a skill in itself. But, perhaps above all, they need to be hardy. Male models seeking catwalk work may have to go to some 10 castings a day — this is where they are assessed for their suitability for particular work — for several days and in several cities, all without getting paid.

Commercial work tends to cover a wide spectrum of non-catwalk work for a specific brand. Catalogues, print and online, for example, are considered to be commercial work, as are trade shows and TV shows. But it can be the making of steady, regular employment. Win a major advertising campaign for an international brand, however, and it can be the ticket to the big time.

As a consequence, the demand for plus-size male models is on the up. Of all the categories, fitness models are most likely to be self-represented. The breadth of fitness model body type is wide — from lithe and athletic to the huge and Thor-like — but all will be proportional. Whereas non-modelling fitness enthusiasts build muscle for strength, mass and functionality, fitness models must build for aesthetics, which requires a specific kind of training. It also means looking healthy all over — including hair and probably tanned skin.

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