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I am glad we enjoyed all this time together, but the last thing I want at the moment is come back in the Homestuck fandom. In this humanstuck au Amporas owns a business in the porn industry. Dualscar is the president of the company, Cronus is the diamond point of the entertainment and Eridan the star of the gay porn section.

They waste a large part of their money in porn dvds they buy at the Megido DVD rental shop. Vantas is also a closet fan of mr. Ampora old movies. For more infos and story check the story archive! Some other things are different because of plot reasons. If you have questions, drop them in my ask box.

Cronus is the diamond point of th Glub production. He usually do het porns but sometimes he does like teasing his brother in some of his gay porn movies. Though for some strange reason, he does bottom when Kurloz works with him. He has a longtime crush on his step-sister Meenah. He can play the guitar. He is high-school graduated and never went to college. Eridan is the star of the gay porn section at the Glub Production. He has a sort of inferiority complex towards Cronus and tries to be the best in the thing his brother seems to lack: He does go to college but he hardly goes to classes.

Anyway, he is an art student. He has a flushed crush. Who might be? The big boss of the Glub production, Dualscar is a caring albeit demanding boss. He knows his charm and he sometimes hits on his sub-workers. He had two children with his old co-worker the Condesce. They still bang sometimes like they are newelyweds.

He also likes to still hit on his former lovers? Kankri is the oldest son of the Vantas family. He studies Economy and Politics at the local college.

He still thinks that moderate chastity is his way of life until married. Karkat is the exact opposite of his brother Kankri. He studies cinematography at the local college. Signless is the Equal Opportunities Assessor of the city. He had a long relationship with the Disciple but it died somehow shortly after their college graduation.

Psiionic his is best friend and sometimes they hang out when they are free. He had a little crush on Dualscar when he was younger but tried to suppress it when his friend started to work on the porn industry.

He might have still some feelings left for his old college classmate. Mituna is a cheerful boy albeit his mental illness that was caused years ago by an unknown incident. Latula knows and sometimes jokes about it. He tried to study mechanical engineering but the switched to art. A typical college nerd who is graduating in computer engineering at the same college campus where Eridan goes to. His dream is to have an alternate self in order to double stuff the porn guy of his dreams.

He buys every single movie that features Eridan in it, even if it is for a short scene. Actual vice-president of a computer company. This is maybe a reason why Dualscar and Condesce had arguments, since the Condesce is pratically obsessed with him and tried and still tries sometimes to involve him in a romantic relationship.

They were high school classmates and later went to the same college where they befriended Signless. Rumors said they dated for a bit during college years. Jane is his half-sister as they have different mothers. John and Karkat ironic best friend and Jade boyfriend. He has a bit of an inferiority complex towards his two older brothers. He does know his brother Dirk is in love with a pornstar because he caught him doing a love confession to a dvd cover.

She studies literature in another city and lives with Kanaya. Jake is the gay section most famous pornstar of the Fuchsia Rules production. He also work as a waiter in a bar. Openly gay, he never had a relationship.

Martini addicted, she works at the Fuchsia Rules production. She studies to become a great pastry chef. When her mother died she decided to keep her surname. She has a not-so-secret crush on Jake, just as Dirk. Roxy forced her!! He went to college but never graduated. Harley, and he never gave up on him.

He still hits on him whenever he can, with the help of Jade. He has a deep love for archaeology and whatever concerns it. Bro was one of his students while he was still teaching at university and he hits on him ever since. He denies his advances but he often gives up on them. One of the most famous pornstars of the Glub Production, Horuss is into ponyplay.

He was unfortunate, though. Due to his musculature and his incapacity to control his strength, he often broke beds and actresses. Sometimes he does gay porn if his partners can manage to finish the movie alive and harmless. She communicates through lipreading and she both speaks and uses sign language. She was Kurloz girlfriend but they broke since they graduated from high school.

She joined Glub production along with his sister Meulin. She loves to tease his now ex-colleague and cameraman Equius because she knows he has a crush on her. She seems to reciprocate. He likes to fool around a lot since he has a lot of suitors even if he has a boyfriend who he frequently betrays by having sex with his co-workers especially Jake outside work.

But he was really TOO shy and nobody managed to make him complete a movie without screaming and premature ejaculations. Aranea relegated him to cameraman. They had two sons together but never officially got engaged. She had two other daughters from another man. She has a longtime flushed crush most like an obsession on his ex college classmate the Psiioniic but he never reciprocated.

Kurloz occasionally works for the Glub Productions as a pornstar. It was him who introduced the Leijon sisters to the production in order to help them with their financial problems. He may or may not have a crush on Cronus. He sure likes to fuck him a lot. Gamzee works part-time for the Glub Production as a cameraman. He has a scar on his face but both him and his brother refuses to explain how he got that.

Aranea is the daughter of the famous writer that goes under the name of Mindfang. She was together with Porrim for some time. She also is a huge admirer of Signless. She has a flushed crush on Tavros and she demostrates it harassing him all the time.

She seems to have a crush on her best friend Terezi, too. Works at Fuchsia Rulez as pornstar along with his twin brother Caliborn and has a oh-so-red flushed crush on Roxy. Works at Fuchsia Rulez as pornstar along with his twin sister Calliope.

He also works in the same bar as Dirk and has a crush on him. He always refuses to work with him. She likes to tease her customers a lot, especially the ones that buys dvd from the porn section. Especially if they are males. Especially if they buy gay porn.

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