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I am planning on doing a trip to Prauge, Vienna and Budapest next year. Which city do you guys prefer? Which one in your opinion had the Budapest Twink' men, best food, pastries, architecture, etc. A lot of people I know who have visited all three felt that Vienna was much "colder" than the others. All three are fantastic cities.

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I am planning on doing a trip to Prauge, Vienna and Budapest next year. Which city do you guys prefer? Which one in your opinion had the hottest men, best food, pastries, architecture, etc. A lot of people I know who have visited all three felt that Vienna was much смотрите подробнее than the others.

All three are fantastic cities. Budapest is the most affordable of the three if that is a concern. My husband and I did all three. Prague was the favorite. The weather in Vienna was crappy the 3 days we were there so we didn't see it at it's best, but the food was excellent.

I would agree that the people there were officious rather than welcoming. We also stopped a few days in Salzburg part of which looks like a Mozart Disneylandso by ссылка на подробности time we got to Budapest, we were getting weary of touring around.

Budapest has some wonderful architecture and is a great walking city. I can only compare Vienna and Budapest. Budapest is more run down not Budapest Twink' more so than American cities, and is making the most of EU moneybut has better and more Budapest Twink' food.

Vienna is more immaculate and staid what your friend means by "cold"? Both have delectable pastries and lots of жмите сюда architecture, esp. Budapest has magnificent baths can't comment on the gay scene, though. Vienna is more expensive than Budapest. They're two or three hours away from each other, Budapest Twink' New York to Boston or to Philadelphia. Restaurant recs: But there are a lot of good places to eat.

I've been to all three and each city is fantastic. Of the three, I liked Budapest the best. Parts of the city are run down, but there's a lot redevelopment and money being invested back into Budapest. The architecture, food, sites and people were all wonderful. BTW, the Ritz Carlton is fantastic. If you Budapest Twink' 8 to 9 days, I'd probably pick two of the cities and maybe add in a day trip from each city. Prague is very pretty, but it's basically a tourist Disneyland -- think Venice -- and they will screw tourists for every penny they're worth.

Vienna has the best pastry and the best history -- several world-class museums, imperial architecture, etc. I've never found it cold at all, but it is orderly, and things work. It also has the most divers population, although you probably wouldn't notice that if you stick to tourist sites.

If you can only do two cities, I'd do Vienna and Budapest. For Prague, you can look at Google Earth and see pretty much everything you'd see there. That's interesting, R7. Sad to hear that Prague has gone Budapest Twink', as what you describe читать далее not at all what we experienced.

Budapest Twink' then, we were there almost 20 years ago before it got really "fashionable". All three are beautiful, OP. I'd say Prague may be the most crowded. And it may of the three have the hottest men. When I first went there twenty years ago, I could not believe how slim, fit, and sexy many of the Budapest Twink' were.

The first time I went to Budapest, I was approached by a "lady of the night. She told me the street, where I could enjoy those favors. I didn't. I have no desire to break laws in foreign parts. Be careful in all three cities. There's petty crime pickpockets. If you want to enjoy a good lay, just have a drink at your hotel bar at night. I've always found that place to be ideal for picking up men usually other tourists or businessmen.

The local choices in nightclubs or cafes may roll you. Budapest today reminds me of Prague twenty years ago -- very nice areas and lots of things to do, mixed with gritty areas and the fear of being conked on the head and robbed. It is exciting in an edgy way. Prague is over. After the breakup of Czechoslovakia, it was THE place to go, due to its history, architecture, but mostly due to the eagerness of Czech people to quick Westernization.

It was imminently affordable, too. Nowadays, it is a hustling tourist trap. Asian TS Cutie Natty Toyfucks Her Ass is the ritziest of these three. It is gorgeous at least inside the Ring streetthe city is spotless, the food is fantastic if you like Austrian food. You get the Budapest Twink' that you are in an historic city. And you pay to be there. It is incredibly expensive to visit Vienna.

Of the three, inI would rank them as: Budapest, Vienna, then Prague. All Budapest Twink' countries are historically Catholic, but today Czechia is Budapest Twink' least religious of the three.

Hungarian men can be super sexy in an every-man kind of way. Austrian men, to Budapest Twink', can be sexy in the way that Swiss men from the German speaking areas can be sexy. I do not care at all for Czech guys. I think watching years of Czech twink porn ruined them for me. Bottom line: Spend more time in exotic, rundown, plucky Budapest than the others. But if you can replace one of them with a different, nearby city, I would ditch Prague and go to Bratislava instead.

I found Vienna very interesting, but also a bit stuffy. I liked that when we wore black ties to the opera around Christmas, but not as much just day-to-day. Vienna has by far the best museums, but it is the most expensive. The men are not all that. The look of the city is memorable but it doesn't feel as varied and is not as memorable as Budapest or Prague. Prague has the weirdest and most haunted and most memorable architecture.

The men are gorgeous, but most of the strippers or escorts are strictly gay-for-pay and not very good at disguising it. You are better off eating expensively in Prague--unlike Hungary and Vienna, the cheaper food isn't very good.

One nice thing: Czech people are very sweet and helpful overall. Budapest has gorgeous architecture and gorgeous men. It's a great walking city, although there are Budapest Twink' destinations sites there to visit especially compared to Prague and Vienna.

It's mostly fun for the general ambience. It's also the cheapest of the three. When I say I"ve heard Vienna is cold, I mean exactly what someone above said "immaculate", clean, and additionally, the people are very proper in how they act.

I've heard Czech people can be very rude and everything worth seeing is within walking distance. Especially given that a lot of people here are tepid about Prague, OP, I'd recommend you also think about Bratislava.

It's a very short train ride from Vienna and you could do a day trip from there—even just spend an afternoon. The old part of the city has the wonderful architecture of the other three cities and there are Budapest Twink' memorable buildings nearby, e.

I had good food there. Not to be Debbie Downer, Budapest Twink' the current Hungarian government is authoritarian and fascistic and there's no way I would spend tourist dollars Budapest Twink' Budapest until Viktor Orban is gone.

Budapest is the most affordable of the 3 and no its not a dangerous city. Did you say "authoritarian and fascistic "? So in that case, should tourists stop visiting the US? Note that Hungarian Goulash is a stew into which the restaurant throws any unsold meat that is and on the verge of going bad.

So, skip it in Budapest. I found Vienna a complete bore. It was too perfect. Budapest was sketchy, but fun.

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