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Analysis by Z. Byron Wolf , CNN. CNN What exactly did President Donald Trump mean by "breeding" when he tweeted Wednesday about cities that will not cooperate with the federal government to deport the undocumented. There is a Revolution going on in California. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. See also: English Wikipedia has an article on: In analysing the ecological conditions of an animal population we have above all to focus our attention upon the most sensitive stages within the life cycle of the animal, that is, the period of breeding and larval development. Plant breeding is always a numbers game. Breeding is sexual reproduction that produces offspring, usually animals or plants. Breeding may refer to: Breeding in the wild, the natural process of reproduction in the animal kingdom. Animal husbandry, through selected specimens such as dogs, horses, and rabbits.‎Plant breeding · ‎Selective breeding · ‎Captive breeding. unprotected sex between two men with the purpose of ejaculating inside each other.

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Top definition. Breeding unknown. We decided breeding was the best option since I don't like messes. A style of sex breeding one ejaculates inside breeding partner for the purpose of getting them pregnant. Since its rise in popularity, it has also been adopted by the gay community. Unprotected sex between to men who ejaculate inside each other. To be pregnant.

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Its adaptability and breeding capabilities ensured that it would be selected for mass production on an unimaginable scale. The critters have the propensity to devour their babies if alarmed and so require a calm environment for breeding.

Even when bred in captivity, Leahy said breeding facilities are often horrendous, resembling factory farming. Breeding a resistant strain can take five generations of plants, and 15 years. The improvement in breeding and raising live-stock must not be omitted.

It is only in the begetting of men that breeding from the worst stocks may be said to be the rule. Pray be seated, but really I am forgetting the commonest rules of breeding. Her ignorance of all breeding is amusing, but then I think she has a natural elegance. Is not the quality of dogs improved by breeding from the good and eliminating the bad? Meaning "good manners" is from s.

Original notion of the word was incubation, warming to hatch. Sense of "grow up, be reared" in a clan, etc. Bred ; breeding. Of persons, from s. Meaning "kind, species" is from s. He is a man of good breeding. You can tell when a person has breeding. Middle English word dating back to —; see origin at breed , -ing 1. Ten mice were bred in the laboratory.

He breeds longhorns on the ranch. Dirt breeds disease. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes. He was born and bred a gentleman. Breed a strong mare with a fast stallion and hope for a Derby winner. Show More. Many animals breed in the spring. Bacteria will not breed in alcohol. She comes from a fine breed of people. Scholars are a quiet breed. Disparaging and Offensive.

Related Words for breeding development , training , rearing , lineage , urbanity , gentility , refinement , civility , upbringing , manners , culture , courtesy , ancestry , schooling , conduct , polish , nurture , grace , raising. Mongooses, Meerkats, and Ants, Oh My!

The History of the Chicken: Will Coffee Rust Hurt Starbucks? Nina Strochlic June 8, Historical Examples of breeding The improvement in breeding and raising live-stock must not be omitted. The Truth About Woman C.

Gasquoine Hartley. The Sexual Question August Forel. To produce or reproduce by giving birth or hatching. To raise animals or plants, often to produce new or improved types. A group of organisms having common ancestors and sharing certain traits that are not shared with other members of the same species.

Breeds are usually produced by mating selected parents. All rights reserved. Nearby words for breeding breed breed of cat breed's hill breeder breeder reactor breeding.

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    Its adaptability and breeding capabilities ensured that it would be selected for mass production on an unimaginable scale.

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    In these games, an Egg may be breeding after every steps the player takes. In these games, there is a chance to generate an Egg after every step.

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    A breed is also a specific type of a domesticated species, like a poodle or Great Dane.

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    Breeding - definition of breeding by The Free Dictionary https:

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