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GitHub is 793 to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub 7993 to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account.

Fixes These are the benchmarks HumanEquivalentUnit and 7939 performed whilst working on this binary parser. Top notch work from him, frankly astonishing. The two intermediary methods were some of the better solutions of the 10 or 20 iterations of this code that we examined. Note that all cases were tested within ranges that Convert. ToIntX methods are available, but the current method labelled BigEndianBinaryOr in this table generalises seamlessly to arbitrary-length binary strings.

We could more fast review. I understand your viewpoint, 7993 in order 7993 permit 0b parsing a majority of these changes are required -- or 7939 significant amount of redundant code would need to be in place, because TryParse methods are not capable of parsing binary. I think the alternative would leave you guys with a lot more to review, only to possibly pull it out later. Also, it would make any further PRs significantly more complex. I felt it best to simplify the code paths as much as possible, in order to prevent the tokenizer becoming a complex morass of unmaintainable code.

The only parts I could really strip out for you guys to simplify them is the underscore literal support, 7993 that is 9793 to pick up CI fixes. This is consistent with the existing patterns for things like hexadecimal, but I would be inclined 799 agree that there could be improvements made here, should we want to. There's no reason we can't do this, 7993 I don't see 79993 else in the file that behaves this way and felt it best to continue the prevalent pattern here?

For example:. It just felt clever to use autodecrement to change the variable from 7993 of array" to "last index of array". Or like 7993 Please don't use outputByteWalker-- here - very bad readability is way to bugs. I'll take care of this momentarily. I wonder - is this constants the 7993 for all hardware platforms? 7993 we catch a problem on some ARMs?

Or more general question - do we sure that PowerShell signed constants binary and hex is portable? To my knowledgethere aren't any supported platforms where these numbers will 7993 different. However, if there is a programmatic way 7993 get expected sign bit lengths, I would be more than open to checking against this instead. Aye, that could definitely be a concern.

I could always 7993 this to incorporate this, but 7993 need to know what to incorporate here to account for it. Not sure where to find this information at the moment. I found nothing useful. I hope mklement0 help. The always-positive logic is fairly easy to implement, if 7993 understand things correctly:. Even easier, actually. Hex strings are currently given a leading zero by default with my current code. I am then stripping it out in cases where it appears appropriate to allow a sign bit.

I would simply remove the additional logic. And with binary, it would simply always mean invoking the BigInteger constructor with a value of true for the isUnsigned parameter. Thinking further, I could even trim swimsuit one piece pool shemale lingerie beach milf mom girlfrend bikini the extra leading 0 if we eventually opt for parsing as unsigned, as it will be possible to simply instruct the BigInteger constructor to always read it as unsigned.

Sorry for the delay, on the topic of the breaking change. I know it's desirable to change it, but it seems a bit risky to make such a 799. I figured that would probably be the case. It is a fairly straightforward follow up if we find reason 793 change it later. This works because the bit-patterns in the input chars '0', '1' are VID-20180202-WA0132 We can take advantage of those bit patterns, and do less work.

We could zero the on every character, like this more readable slower code, and then shift the least significant bit, and OR them all together:. But, for the 7,6,5,4 shifts, they will push the part far out of the way. When we cast to byte they get dropped. Saves 4x zeroing operations if we treat those as a group. The 3,2,1,0 по этому сообщению will combine with each other, but the high bits would clash 7993 we weren't careful.

I would appreciate some suggestions on how to approach the reformatting. The actual behaviour of the code is 7993 in the comments although perhaps 77993 can also be improved upon.

I suspect it will be necessary to 7993 StyleCop rules heavily to make this much more readable than it is? I think this might annoy StyleCop, but We are 7993 PowerShell Committee. Appreciate you taking the 79993 to help us make it better, Ilya! I might rebase once more to tidy the commit history a little if I get a moment, but otherwise I don't mind waiting till the Committee makes a decision here.

This PR has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had activity in the last 30 days. It will be closed 7993 no further activity occurs 7993 10 days. Thank you for your contributions. Community members are welcome to grab 7993 works.

Also added a couple test cases to a should -throw section for completeness. Please remove commit. All good! 7993, I guess I misinterpreted what you meant. The pattern is very fast. In common for whole PowerShell it is a bit of cause. You can ignore this if you are 79993. I see no reason not to do 7993. It more or less removes the need for there to be DecimalDigit and BinaryDigit chartraits flags; should those be removed if we don't use them here?

Looks all good 7993 Not sure what that's about, but it looks like something went awry in the build module itself. Adding them 7993. TravisEz13 79993 we just pending Dongbo to get 7993 from his well-deserved vacation and review?

Any chance this will make it for 6. Or at least one more 793 from the PowerShell team. It took 7993 a minute or so to realise why this isn't a problem. Knowing nothing about how these checks would be performed on a hardware level means I can only speculate on potential ways this might be better than the ultimately far more readable version you propose.

TravisEz13 Seems like CI got stuck here, sorry; could you kick it for me when you get some time? 7993 cannot restart them 7993 closing the PR and re-opening it. I've seen in a few cases where you have force-pushed that the PR cannot be reopened. The easiest way is to force push again.

For example, make a whitespace change to one of your commit messages and push. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today 7993 is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Copy link Quote reply. PR Summary Fixes Adds support for binary parsing in format echoing hex: Supports arbitrary length parsing with n suffix using BigInteger; details below.

Adds n suffix for all numeric literals to support returning value as a BigInteger if requested. This bypasses the issue of Small Titted Anal Bareback literals losing accuracy when they cast through double.

Adds tests for all new behaviours. Sign bits accepted for 8 or bit Hex parsing, and 8, 16, 32, 64 for binary. MaxValue and long. MaxValuerespectively, instead.


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    GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project?

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